July 22, 2022

How artificial intelligence is changing the sales process

SDRs need to optimize the tools at hand and make the most of their industry insights. Leveraging AI is a crucial part of this.

Think about your last impulsive purchase. Why did you buy that new pair of shoes, or those ridiculously overpriced jeans? It probably was not caused by a functional need, but an emotional trigger that made you want to have it so deeply. 

When you combine AI with an in-depth understanding of sales psychology, you have a superpower. While AI collects valuable data about your prospect’s plans, products, hiring, and expansion, sales psychology is a lens to channel this data with heightened effect. Now you not only understand your potential client better but what drives them as well. 

In an unpredictable landscape where sales teams are tasked to achieve ambitious targets, SDRs need to optimize the tools at hand and make the most of their industry insights. Leveraging AI is a crucial part of this, here are five ways to up your sales game with it in 2022.

Lead generation

Research has already shown that sales teams using AI have increased leads and appointments by about 50%. With AI, time-consuming tasks like connecting with a lead, qualifying, and following up can all be easily automated. There’s also the advantage of using machine learning to sift through intimidating quantities of market data to extract the right prospects, who are most likely to convert.

Account intelligence

It can take hours, and often days to scour the internet for potential prospects to pursue, and understand their needs. AI can do that for you in minutes, providing in-depth insights, complete with company size, number of employees, annual revenue, business challenges, and priorities. You can even find the right decision-maker contacts, so you know exactly who to approach for a faster close.

Relationship building

This might sound like an odd one, but hear us out. As several time-guzzling tasks are now automated – think research and customer information via account intelligence, processing orders, preparing contracts, predictive analytics and so forth – SDRs can now focus their attention on building that personal touch and increasing engagement with customers. 

Insight-led prioritization 

Knowledge is power. You can now spot aspects of your business that need your attention – whether it is patterns of sales rep performance or a list of best-selling products,  with AI and data-backed accuracy. This empowers you to make smarter choices, improve sales practices and ultimately ensure better results. Everybody wins.

Sales forecasting

This is incredibly important for long-term progress, irrespective of the business you are in. Traditional methods are often inaccurate, either because of over-optimistic sales reps or a lack of clean data. This leads to misinformed future decisions, poor resource allocation, and cash flow problems for the company. Instead, AI with revenue intelligence and sales forecasting capabilities can gather information from across your systems, with minimal effort and high accuracy. Now you have a dependable, consistent, and reliable guide to planning budgets, production, and resources. Let’s not forget, you can use this feature to track the growth of your competitors as well.

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