People first.

We get how you strive to keep sales human in this automated world.
And we hold ourselves to the same standard.

10 accounts. 14 days. No credit card.

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B2Brain is an extension of our sales team.”

We didn’t say it, you did.

FourKites’ CMO Steve Rotter and SDR Manager Augie Hoffmann talking about how they found success with B2Brain

Set up conversation with a hard-to-crack account, within a week of starting with B2Brain.

12% higher responses with personalization using B2Brain intel.

The quality of insights and leads improved the personalization significantly for Auditoria’s prospects.

All the support you need to succeed.

Just a ping away

Whatever the trouble is, we’re here for you 24×7. Just talk to us via the Live Chat or shoot us an email to

Innovation is the need of the hour

Account research is broken and we’re fixing it, one feature at a time. We’re doing everything we can to make your work-life easy.

Your voice matters

Have an idea for a brilliant feature? Want to brainstorm about account research? Let’s talk!

Product that just works

With B2Brain, account research just happens. Enter the accounts you want to track and use the information as it comes in directly to your preferred CRM. It’s that simple.

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