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Have some questions?

Q. How does this sales pipeline calculator work? 

This simulator computes an SDR’s quota achievement in a traditional sales process – based on the number of accounts a single sales development representative has, the quota attainment %, and the average deal size of your product.


Q. How does B2Brain help us increase our sales pipeline?

On average SDRs and salespeople spend 30-40% of their time prospecting for leads. That is  3.5 hours a day, and 17+ hours a week – spent by one SDR just going through Google and LinkedIn to research and collect information to send personalized emails and make pitches. 

But what if all your SDRs can save all of that time and focus on communicating and selling? B2Brain understands your product and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), to find intel for the accounts you are searching for. It goes many steps further, to give you talking points for personalized communication and also finds relevant leads. B2Brain’s AI algorithms are continuously learning, and also recommend accounts that you can track on the basis of your existing information.

Increase your business revenue with B2Brain, so that your team can hit (or surpass) their quota. Get started right away and generate intels for 10 accounts.


Q. How to measure quota attainment?

Let us explain by example – if your SDR has a quota of $500,000/quarter, and if they got invoices or contracts worth $450,000, then their sales quota attainment would be $450,000/$500,000, which is 90%. This quota attainment can be measured either monthly, quarterly, or annually.