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Why should SDRs research Target Accounts?

You have seen that successful SDRs tend to have great quality conversation with prospects, open more accounts and build opportunities faster. You have also seen that successful SDRs are knowledgeable about prospects, communicate with more personalization and relevance, and engage prospects better. Replicating this behavior of your successful SDRs is likely to increase the standard of your team as a whole.

The two questions your SDRs always have on their mind with every target account are:

  1. What about this account makes my product/service relevant now?
  2. If it is relevant now, who all should I reach out to?

There is a lot of talk about personalization at scale but it comes with a certain downside. First and foremost, in B2B mid-market and enterprise segments, prospects are part of an organization, and have their incentives aligned with organizational business goals. To engage with such prospects, your SDRs need relevant and contextual insights about the organization, along with information about the prospect.

How does your team research accounts today?

As an SDR, you were acutely aware of the time it took, to do good quality research. Successful SDRs use resources such as news, press releases, financial information and other sources. Some also set up news alerts on companies to keep track of them. But the most common scenario is the SDR reaching out for a search engine before they have to run an outreach sequence, doing a few searches, looking for quasi interesting information, and packaging that into the message.

How do you know that Account Research is not optimal today?

  1. Reduced engagement from prospects – via email responses, or from answered calls.
  2. You have SDRs complain of the pain in doing this research with search engines and other inefficient tools.
  3. Quite often, you come across SDRs doing so much account research that they consistently miss their activity targets.

These are symptoms that account research is getting the short shrift. The hallmark of an effective team is sufficient account research coupled with sufficient activity.

At the end of the day, you are measured on your team’s pipeline velocity. A well oiled SDR machine is crucial to meet your company’s revenue goals. If your company has an ABM program, make sure that your team is taking full advantage of the best of what ABM has to offer, yet complementing it with contextual intelligence.

So what can you do about it?

As a sales development leader, equip your SDRs with the right sources, methods and tools to get this intelligence. Enable them to build business acumen and to improve their quality of communication. This gives them the confidence to engage with prospects in a thoughtful, systematic and empathetic fashion.

The ideal solution will help your SDRs use the right methods and tools, identify and derive insights, connect it with your business value proposition, craft and deliver messages, and ultimately engage prospects better.

How does B2Brain equip your SDRs?

Unique intel: The most crucial part of your SDRs’ account research is to connect the insight about a target account with the value proposition of your business. looks through over 750,000 sources for information on target accounts, and identifies insights pertinent to your business.

Talking Points: The next important step is to increase adoption of account research among your SDRs. The SDR gets Talking Points that link the insight with your business value proposition. All this is delivered within your CRM/SEP, making adoption a breeze. Within a short span of time, account research becomes a mainstay in your SDR outreach.

Recommended Leads: The intel includes recommended leads, based on the target persona. If you have a sales development operation, it is likely that you are already subscribed to a contact data provider. Often, a relevant lead is hard to identify or not readily available. With B2Brain intels, pertinent leads are surfaced, making the SDR both effective and productive with their outreach.

When your SDRs reach out to prospects with these insights, you will see them have great conversations and build faster pipelines. In addition to it, they get back over 1 week/month of time. If you haven’t seen B2Brain in action yet, try it for free, today.

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Make account research part of SDR outreach. With talking points, recommended leads and CRM/SEP integration, B2Brain helps your team build a faster pipeline.

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