• Boost your ABM signals with contextual insights
  • Customized messaging for target accounts
  • Improved Next Best Action
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ABM or Account Based Marketing has become a mainstay for B2B companies targeting enterprises. Many have gone past basic ABM and are packing a lot more technology into it. According to Salesforce’s State of Sales 4th Edition, 84% of Marketing Organizations are using some form of AI to improve the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives.

ABM with Intent Data

Today’s ABM systems provide intent data for your target accounts in a generic or topical manner. You will see information like this:

Account A has shown a surge in topics X & Y in the past N days

As the ABM marketer, you can use this information to formulate the Next Best Action with the account. This next best action helps you deliver the right experience to further your buyer’s journey.

Sharpening your ABM spear

ABM is a fantastic inclusion in your marketing arsenal. It gives you a great capability to speak to each target account in a manner that resonates with them.

What you might miss, is the lack of specific inputs on what caused a topic to surge in that account.

Imagine if you have the knowledge that

Account A surged on X & Y topics, because A just completed a deal with company B that is related to topics X & Y

Your plan for the Next Best Action can get a lot more actionable and focused.

Input into the Sales process

When it comes down to 1:1 sales outreach, making the message relevant to your prospects is of utmost importance. Having additional context on the target accounts, that is tied to the surge topics of intent, gives your sales team

With B2Brain intels, you can now equip the sales team to create relevant messaging for prospects. Just set up the ABM output such that the surge accounts are added to B2Brain for tracking.

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Align Marketing and Sales outreach

When your marketing initiatives and sales outreach is aligned, there is greater impact on your efforts. Give your sales teams the benefit of intent data from your account based marketing efforts, complemented with actionable and contextual intelligence on specific accounts from B2Brain. Your SDRs will love you for it.

Talking Points from B2Brain intel give the sales team a framework to make messages relevant and personalized.

Recommended Leads give them additional people to engage with, and strike a conversation.

Integration with the CRM or SEP ensures that they don’t have to switch tabs in order to access all this intelligence. SDR Managers like to use workflows that keep their SDRs productive, and you can take full advantage of it.