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Why research Target?

Getting Target logo as a customer on your website is a prized possession for many a sales person. There are a few reasons why supply chain and logistics tech companies should sell to Target.

Getting Target logo as a customer on your website is a prized possession for many a sales person. There are a few reasons why supply chain and logistics tech companies should sell to Target:

Target is a large company with a huge supply chain and logistics operation. This means that there is a lot of potential for business.

Target is a well-known and respected brand. This can help increase the visibility of your company and products.

Target is a relatively easy company to work with. They have a reputation for being fair and reasonable, which can make the selling process smoother.

Naturally, SDRs, BDRs and AEs in such industries for whom Target is a target account (pun intended), research the company’s quarterly and annual earnings, 10K, 10Q, news articles, job listings and other press information before doing the outreach.

Who should research Target?

Target’s scale of operations make it a good fit for many B2B products. But, you should research Target if you are:

  • a product that looks into the supply-chain AI
  • procurement intelligence
  • finance risk assessment

If you are an SDR for one of these products, you need insights from Target’s strategies that show the efficiency of your product. B2Brain’s machine learning has compiled these highlights from Target’s Annual Reports, Press Releases (and other sources) that can significantly improve your pitch.

Sourcing and Procurement insights about Target

Some updates on Target’s sourcing and procurement strategy:

Target is modifying the inventory levels of various product categories based on demand and challenges in supply. In a statement, Target outlined several actions for the second fiscal quarter, including markdowns, removing excess inventory, and cancelling orders. They are looking to source goods with an aim to reduce transportation distances, as well as focus on fast moving categories compared to home goods. Sourcing and procurement systems with intelligence around goods value, utilization and costing might be relevant for Target to consider as they optimize their business in the current situation.

Logistics and Supply-Chain insights about Target

Logistics, transportation are strategic for Target’s business. Building in efficiency on an ongoing basis helps Target keep its net margins intact, and thus increase shareholder value that the street loves. If you are building logistics and supply chain systems, for direct or indirect costs, and are selling to enterprises, you want Target to be a customer.

Target’s new delivery and pickup services have shown significant growth in Q1 2022. Their margins are impacted due to higher transportation costs and supply chain constraints.The company might find it valuable to explore solutions that make their supply chain more efficient and contribute to operating margin.

  • Target’s same-day services (Order Pickup, Drive Up and Shipt) grew 8 percent this year, led by Drive Up, which grew in the mid-teens on top of more than 120 percent last year.
  • Target’s Operating margin rate of 5.3 percent was well below expectations, driven primarily by gross margin pressure reflecting actions to reduce excess inventory as well as higher freight and transportation costs.
  • Target’s First quarter operating income margin rate was 5.3 percent in 2022, compared with 9.8 percent in 2021. First quarter gross margin rate was 25.7 percent, compared with 30.0 percent in 2021.

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Insights and latest updates on Target's Sourcing and procurement strategy

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